John Kluge

"Nicole and her team have been our primary form of executive support for over two years and can get done in a few hours a week what others take days to accomplish. They are professional, dependable, available, and lightning fast. I couldn't recommend her and the Pro V Solutions team more."

-Saneel Radia, SVP Business Transformation, R/GA


"Nicole Elzer is a super mom, jack of trades, time magician, and ninja-in-chief of Pro V Solutions. She has been my Johnny-on-the-spot for a while and has saved me from time and energy vampires, moving hustlers, bureaucratic healthcare hell, and a host of other evil villains. She will be the first I nominate for cloning."

-John Kluge, Entrepreneur, Author, Changemaker


"This is the best virtual assistant service I have ever worked with. My VA and I have been working together for years and she has become a trusted resource. She is thoughtful, proactive and friendly. If she was in Boston, I would hire her full time in a heartbeat."

-Tim Ericson, Founder & CEO, Zagster