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You're here because you have a passion to help and a desire to make virtual assisting your career. By working with our team, you will come away with a deeper understanding of the expectations of a high level virtual assistant, as well as the tools, knowledge and insight you can use to effectively respond to its challenges. Based on your level of commitment to excellence and final work deliverables, a client may be waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. Your 2 month program will include:

  • Two (2) virtual classroom sessions
  • Virtual observation (shadowing opportunities)
  • Hands on assisting experience
  • Specific, growth oriented, feedback
  • The REAL feel of what being a high level VA is all about including the challenges of balance
  • Client communication strategy that works!
  • Exclusive access to our teams #slack. #wearefamily


Empowering You to Help

Whether you are a general virtual assistant, social assistant, design assistant, project manager or any other professional, the Assistants in Residence program empowers you to recognize and respond to the challenges of the work. Gain insight and awareness to become an effective advocate for those who need help. Be excellent, and let your clients be excellent too. 

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we believe that you will succeed in whatever you love to do. passion for your work drives energy and attention to detail.
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